nonsense squared

Yesterday I took some old pieces of work out to Rosebed Street Gallery – the piece below is from 2008.  Vintage buttons, vintage silks from kimono , acrylic, gesso and wax.  The base is newspaper sheets folded into thick bands and then woven together, trapping a moment in time, half truths, lies and nonsense.

square root of nonsense120 x 120 cm
square root of nonsense
120 x 120 cm

4 thoughts on “nonsense squared

  1. Your choice of theme for the WordPress site just lends itself for a wander in your virtual studio. Great idea. The idea of trapping half truths stirs up many thoughts. Really enjoy. Very much looking forward to seeing your next body of work.

  2. Thanks for that feedback about the site – I have just come back to this theme – for the very reason you have mentioned – it does make it so much easier to navigate and browse (alongside the last theme I had kept crashing my ipad!! 🙂 cheers

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