2nd drawing in progress

I thought I had three images to upload of this drawing in three different stages but I could only find the first and third this morning – obviously in haste I have closed photoshop before saving the image ­čśŽ

Never mind below are two stages of the drawing (still in progress) charcoal, white and black gesso and mono print






through the window

The studio beckons but it has just been too cold out there today – sorry this image is a bit blurry but it is taken looking from my kitchen into the studio. ┬áSome life drawings on the wall from last week and an old ceramic figure (12 months old) that I have just started painting.┬áthrough the window

maybe this time

We have been very busy here on the sunny coast with family visiting from Melbourne; and tidying up last minute things for both my exhibition and David’s exhibition ┬áopening in the next few weeks.

maybe this time has had quite a few iterations however the new head was added after life drawing on thursday – the sad part is that the added head has lost something when it has been stuck down – the pastel has dropped in tone and gone a bit muddy – but maybe this time it will be finished ­čÖé

maybe this time
maybe this time

postmaster’s daughter

postmaster's daughter60 x 40 open box
postmaster’s daughter
60 x 40 open box

This box was found with the tape attached saying ‘BANG’ and with pirates signs on back – obviously a well treasured child’s secret stash box – or perhaps even an old school case or ‘port’ as we say here in Queensland.┬á My father was a postmaster on Bribie Island in the late 50’s/early 60’s and there were three girls. The silk transfer prints in the background of the box are stamps I made of me standing outside the old Bribie Post Office.┬á This sculpture is currently on exhibition at Rosebed Street Gallery.

nonsense squared

Yesterday I took some old pieces of work out to Rosebed Street Gallery – the piece below is from 2008. ┬áVintage buttons, vintage silks from kimono , acrylic, gesso and wax. ┬áThe base is newspaper sheets folded into thick bands and then woven together, trapping a moment in time, half truths, lies and nonsense.

square root of nonsense120 x 120 cm
square root of nonsense
120 x 120 cm


I haven’t uploaded anything for a few days. ┬áThe weather has been wild and chaotic but I have been in the studio despite the heat and humidity. This huge sheet of white paper has been hanging on the studio wall for several weeks – untouched – finding the courage to begin is sometimes very difficult – progress only seems to happen when you can overcome the fear.doubt


last week I took my sewing machine into the life studio – usually i draw directly onto canvas or linen and then stitch – on thursday I stitched directly onto the canvas – trying to capture movement and feeling – the colour is watered down acrylic applied to the back of the canvas ┬áThis is the result after several more hours of stitching.