2nd drawing in progress

I thought I had three images to upload of this drawing in three different stages but I could only find the first and third this morning – obviously in haste I have closed photoshop before saving the image 😦

Never mind below are two stages of the drawing (still in progress) charcoal, white and black gesso and mono print






19 thoughts on “2nd drawing in progress

  1. It’s very interesting the way you have combined the different textural qualities together in your drawings…. the rough “almost gravel-like” scratchings on the legs, really seem to grab my attention, but in complete contrast to the rich soft tonal blends of the background! Each one seems to compliment the other! Lovely work Veronica…. Hope you don’t run out of wall space!

  2. lucky for us we are renovating the kitchen and have a four metre long wall of builder’s boards up – kitchen has stalled – so not complaining I have an extra wall to work on – ‘the gravelly texture’ you refer to is a mono print applied to the surface.
    (I have rolled black gesso out onto a sheet of flexible hard plastic – scratched into it and then applied to the drawing in sections) …

  3. thanks Steven – working title for drawings ‘if I can’t see you can you hear my dreams’ – your comments are so perceptive 🙂
    (my apologies I mistakenly just commented using my partner’s account – he was still logged on – I have since deleted – but you may get a message notification from him !!)

  4. thanks Rosie – sometimes I can get lost (in a positive way) in the process and the results speak for themselves – drawing number 3 is proving very troublesome a struggle – and this is all good – but do I have the strength/ability to work through it…

  5. thanks Rosie – I appear to be having trouble with wordpress this morning I just posted a response and it seems to have disappeared – my apologies if you now get 2. I am really struggling with the third drawing – so all encouragement is so much appreciated.

  6. thanks – yes this is something that I am trying to also work through with my sculptures – starting to emerge in both disciplines – it doesn’t always translate well 🙂

  7. thanks Patti – do you think we read what we are open to – that we can go to a place that we recognise ? Your photos often evoke a similar response for me.

  8. Yes it is the random marks that I love, the unexpected that can add so much – there is a certain amount of ‘close your eyes and see what happens’ always appreciate your thoughts thanks.

  9. Karen – hard to be alive at the moment and not feel the intensity of human suffering everywhere – your comments provide so much sustenance to my struggling practice thank-you.

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