in progress – first stage

Currently working towards completing a series of large drawings to be exhibited with sculptures at
Roma Regional Gallery.  Having cleared a little space in the studio by packing up the sculptures going to 
Gold Coast International Ceramic Award I could hang the first piece of paper to be worked on.


Size approx.  1.5 metres h x 1.2 metres w – stage one charcoal, gesso, watercolour and china graph 

What I really want to do is get a few of these up on the wall before attempting to finish – so that they are all playing into each other.

19 thoughts on “in progress – first stage

  1. thanks Jac the second drawing is underway – and hoping to start the third today – I am keen to try drawing with two hands at the same time and try to make my left hand follow the right and vice versa (keep the energy flowing !)

  2. What a courageous girl you are to catapult yourself into working on such a very large scale…. but I love the fluidity and spontaneous sketchiness of your drawings Veronica! Lovely idea also, to try to amalgamate all of your drawings together on the one wall so that they all appear to feed into and from each other! Beautiful work and congratulations on your exhibit at the Roma Regional Gallery!

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