sketchbook project

I have been invited to participate in the ‘sketchbook project’ with 20 artists in Australia – the books will be exhibited at Charles Sturt University Gallery in Sept/Oct before being sent off to join the official sketchbook project touring exhibition  in Brooklyn.  This is an exciting adventure to be part of with more than 30,000 sketchbooks  collected and toured since the project began.

the books are slightly smaller than A5 – these drawings all began life in my weekly life drawing sessions and apologies for the slight moire, blurriness on some pages this is the scanner and not wanting to flatten book too much.



sketchbook-2 sketchbook-3 sketchbook-4 sketchbook-5 sketchbook-6 sketchbook-7 sketchbook-8 sketchbook-8b sketchbook-9 sketchbook-11 sketchbook-12 sketchbook-13

sketchbook 15a sketchbook-11a



sketchbook-14 sketchbook-16



25 thoughts on “sketchbook project

  1. So happy to see the sneak preview – and NOW I can;t wait to see them first-hand!! This is going to be a really interesting show – such a range and variety of approaches to the idea of a sketchbook…..hah hah!!!

  2. Your sketchbook drawings are just wonderful Veronica! All the images seem to be so ” lifelike ” and almost three dimensional in stature ( just like your sculptures! )…. And I think that they too may even draw breath! Beautiful spontaneous work and good luck with the project and your new exciting adventure!

  3. Second time lucky – first comment seems to have disappeared into the ether? Would love to see all the books together – can you post some pics please ?

  4. thanks for your generous comments – we only had a couple of months to deliver – some more time to sit and think and play around possibly would have been useful but in the end I just had to sit down and start compiling from my stash – so as you can see it is very much a mish/mash but seems to work ok 🙂

  5. Beautiful drawings and so closely related to your sculptural work. Very rich depictions. Thanks so much for sharing these pages. It’s great to see this parallel work of yours.

  6. thanks Karen – I am always a bit unsure about posting drawings but really appreciate all the positive comments
    both the drawing and sculpture seem to feed off and into each other.

  7. These are gorgeous Veronica! I’m with Karen – the line work is stunning. Would love to see an exhibition of this work, large format, in conjunction with the sculpture.

  8. Hi Ronnie,

    Congratulations on being invited to participate in the Sketchbook Project….I love the drawings you have posted…all the way to Brooklyn….WOW !!!!


  9. thanks Sydney really appreciate your generous comments I am currently working towards an exhibition in february that will include some large format drawings
    now I just need to ‘jump in/off’ !!!!

  10. Hi Karen,

    Anyone can join the sketchbook project and have their sketchbook archived in the Brooklyn collection – these particular books (and invite) are being exhibited first in Wagga Wagga and then joining the Brooklyn group. :_)

  11. Oooh, this looks very exciting. I’ve not had the opportunity to sit down and catch up these last few weeks. What a great start! Veronica, your continues to rock. All the best, Tim.

  12. Hi Tim you are not alone in not getting a chance to sit down and browse around -appear to be a lot of competing ‘need to do’ things so I really appreciate the time you have spent commenting. I really enjoyed the challenge with the sketchbook and was a bit sad to part with it – but great to be in the Brooklyn Collection.

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