when this vessel went into the fire I was less than happy with the form – but now that she has been spruced up a bit – a brightening with some acrylic paint, some papermache added to her headpiece and the final sealing of sections with encaustic … she started to speak to me youspeak/ilisten(sometimes) youspeak_ilisten2 youspeak_ilisten4 handbuilt terracotta – slip, underglaze, stained, acrylic, papermache and encustic

50 x 30 x30 cm

13 thoughts on “youspeak/ilisten(sometimes)

  1. Now there’s a very controversial subject! If only more people shared the speaking AND the listening in this world, perhaps there would be more peace and hopefully far less fighting between people and countries! More talking… less bombing!! Well done, Veronica!

  2. thanks Karen and I really appreciate your continued support I have been a little preoccupied with other things to spend too much time on wordpress but I am absolutely astounded that you have the time to respond to all your admirers comments let alone have the time to leave beautiful words for others – really appreciated x

  3. Oh, there are lots of unanswered comments on my blog – it feels a bit overwhelming at times to get to all those replies. I’d rather look at a few other blogs I love, and make art. x

  4. I know many ceramic folks who are purists about their medium. I enjoy that you incorporate other materials along with the clay in your art.

  5. Yes I know a few like that and I know that many are also very dismissive of non-purist work but I am a firm believer in ‘whatever works’ – whatever gives me the results that I am after. I am still exploring and investigating and the journey is exciting.

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