embroidered dreams/manufactured realities

Had a pretty good week this week – some of the work fired will be useable for exhibiting next year (that is a plus) a kiln full of rubbish might be a bit disheartening;  and I managed to complete several pages in a small sketchbook for the ‘the sketchbook project’ that will be exhibited here in australia before heading off overseas to join the touring group.





The other good news is that I have had my ‘chameleon recruits’ selected for the gold coast international ceramic award in september – this is fantastic !!!

19 thoughts on “embroidered dreams/manufactured realities

  1. Whenever I look at your work I feel like I’m seeing into history. These characters almost seem like artifacts. Living, breathing artifacts. Such a vivid depiction.

  2. The rich earthiness of your colours and textures combine beautifully in an austere rugged way to depict the harsh realities of life and all of its diversions! Lovely work Veronica! And congratulations on being selected for the Gold Coast International Ceramic Award! Well done and good luck!!

  3. little bit exciting getting into the goldie international 🙂 these two have been entered into another sculpture prize but I won’t hold my breathe on that one usually the entrants are very southern centric (sydney and melbourne and if one queen slander gets in it is a miracle !!)

  4. Congratulations Veronica! It’s always such a boost to be selected for a good exhibition. These works are lovely, strong forms and terrific colouring. I have been meaning to get involved with the sketchbook project – maybe the next one. I would love to see the exhibition if it gets to Sydney.

  5. Congratulations, Veronica! Your pieces are sublimely beautiful and heartstirring. I find it interesting that most of them – to my eye, anyway – often appear androgynous, as though they could be vessels for anyone, anywhere. They hold all the emotions of the universe somehow. It’s astonishing!

  6. Thanks Anna, not sure if this group s touring in australia they are being exhibited at Charles Sturt University in Wagga (our old stamping ground) I think then being sent to Brooklyn to tour with the new groups from around the world. It is a fantastic project and a great collection to be included in. I will post some images when it is all done and dusted 🙂

  7. how humbling are your words and I am really pleased that you also called them vessels – that is how I describe
    them ‘vessels (houses for the soul)’ in my catalogue entries. the feminine/masculine divide is an incredibly tiny window when i am working – it can change in secs with the smallest movement of clay – i am often totally dumbfounded and struggle to grasp it back in another direction (sometimes). thanks x

  8. Absolutely well deserved. You make beautiful work. I so have a question about the pair of vessels in this post. Are they joined together as one piece or are they two, freestanding works?

  9. thanks Al – these are two vessels that can be moved around independently (in conversation) with each other.
    I keep playing with the groupings as I think in some ways they are more powerful this way – the back figure has the corner
    removed for the front figure to fit in – and cutting and faceting these shapes even more is one of the new directions to push.
    For me every piece of work suggests new developments – but I also find that I am stymied by my lack of knowledge about clay but push on regardless !!!

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