I haven’t uploaded anything for a few days.  The weather has been wild and chaotic but I have been in the studio despite the heat and humidity. This huge sheet of white paper has been hanging on the studio wall for several weeks – untouched – finding the courage to begin is sometimes very difficult – progress only seems to happen when you can overcome the fear.doubt

6 thoughts on “doubt

  1. Yes, it can be very hard. Sometimes doing something not on the piece, but near the piece, can break up the logjam. Work on small pieces first to activate and clear energy, then return to the problem. It seems that it’s our “problem children” that end up being the most interesting, or beautiful.

  2. Doubt, it’s such a part of my work, it alternates irrationally with certainty. Every now and then it all recedes when I’m in the dance of paint. And that white paper, it’s such a bully. Just keep going, you’re doing fine, fine work!

  3. Thanks Annerose, that is very generous of you – it is those moments when it recedes that make it all worthwhile. I love your words ‘when I’m in the dance of paint’ – great title too:)

  4. Hi Veronica – oh your work is wonderful ! I love your mix of approaches – textiles, stitch, ceramics, sculpture – and with everything underpinned by fabulous exploratory drawing. Such a shame I can’t get to see the Caryatids in the flesh (am in the far north of England) but look forward to more photos !

  5. Thanks Sarah and ditto the distance I would love to see some of your work. Congratulations on the book entry – absolutely well deserved. Love looking around your blog and websites – beautiful. Thanks for sharing your work and really appreciate your comments.

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