9 thoughts on “week-end drawing

  1. Hi Tim, Noosa Regional Gallery Queensland from April 10 to May 26. Everything is pretty much ready to go – drawings are with the framers and all but one sculpture has been fired 🙂

  2. Thanks Sarah – I spent years studying by distance and then working as an multi media educational designer – putting all the materials into
    online accessible packages – all good fun – and finally now my journey is allowing me to discover drawing, I love it because I find it really challenging:) Anyway the point of my rambling is that I feel all those other experiences are now being explored in my drawings. You however are already miles ahead of me – your drawing exudes confidence and your lines just flow across the page – they are truly beautiful.

  3. Thank you, Veronica, that’s wonderful to hear. You never know how they will be seen by someone else. Great things are coming out of your studio!

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