currently starting new work for an exhibition at roma regional gallery in february 2015

ifonly is the first completed piece – hand built terracotta, slip, underglaze, stain encaustic (wax) finish approx. 50xm x 30 cm x 30 cmifonly_side ifonly_side2 ifonly_whole ifonly


This figure was one of the first large sculptural pieces that I completed 12 months ago.Unresolved it stood in the corner of the studio abandoned while I struggled to get a more thematic group of works together for my solo exhibition last april.  Last week I started painting her more as an experiment towards some other large figures that I am currently working on – I am reasonably happy with the result – she is certainly more resolved. new_figure

maybe this time

We have been very busy here on the sunny coast with family visiting from Melbourne; and tidying up last minute things for both my exhibition and David’s exhibition  opening in the next few weeks.

maybe this time has had quite a few iterations however the new head was added after life drawing on thursday – the sad part is that the added head has lost something when it has been stuck down – the pastel has dropped in tone and gone a bit muddy – but maybe this time it will be finished 🙂

maybe this time
maybe this time

somewhere between summer’s longing and autumn’s kindness

I have spent the afternoon cleaning and waxing the vintage sewing machine drawers for my caryatids – I have 10 sculptures completed and I am hoping to place them all in the gallery along one wall on a perspex shelf at eye level.

Somewhere between Summer’s longing and Autumn’s kindness is one of the larger sculptures that I have ready – it may get edited out during bump-in.  She is 50cm tall.between summer's longing and autumn's kindness