14 thoughts on “the birthday suit

  1. Love the way you have captured the child growing within the adult and the somewhat painful expression on her face. Beautiful piece Ronnie.

  2. thanks for your comment – I find drawing (should probably cross that out and say making art) is such a struggle with self confidence, allowing yourself to make the marks and leave them. Sometimes I can reach some sort of compromise – at least with art you get the opportunity to make over – not so in life 🙂

  3. I love your drawings – so expressive and emotional. I am about to deliver a lecture to Masters of Architecture students about real drawing, so I have been analysing the value of drawing lately and revisiting your blog has helped – you are an inspiration.

  4. I am so truly humbled by your comments that I am stuck for words – thank you. Would love to be one of those lucky students listening to your lecture. Drawing is such a wonderful release and can also serve so many different functions. Your own work is sublime and I will continue to enjoy following your sites.

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