measuring white noise – rud-abot-bot

measuring white noise – rud -abot- bot would be a bit of fun if it wasn’t so serious – currently we are in the throes of a federal election –

and the choices provide slim pickings (rudd or abbott)  .  clay body, muslin wrapped head, stitched with vintage fabrics and vintage tape measure, vintage metal meccano.

measuring white noise_detail measuringwhitenoise01 measuringwhitenoise02

10 thoughts on “measuring white noise – rud-abot-bot

  1. Great concept Ronnie…who really does lyeth beneath the masked man going into battle? What does he stand for and who can we really trust?

  2. Oh my. I feel for you over there. Of course, the big debate over here is whether a leader can be gay. Big worry over this in South Auckland. So long as there are people, there will always be art.

  3. The countdown is now on – and next week either way we will have a nut case for PM – the mind boggles at the duplicity of politics. But yes thank god for art!!!

  4. Here in the states we are no strangers to political disappointment. Politicians have forgotten who they are supposed to represent! Interesting how the political creeps into so many art forms.

  5. Saturday looms and it is pretty clear how the polls are heading – I am feeling embarrassed that Australians want to turn back the clock – in the 50’s there was a ‘white australia policy’ what happened to humanity?

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