getting ready for the fire – in progress

two more sirens getting ready for completion – waiting for a kiln to be emptied (community kiln),

underglazed and  incised, stained, engobes and more colour applied and washed back – these pieces haven’t yet been bisqued.

embroidery textiles pieces obviously won’t go into the fire but will be applied later.  sweet_siren04 sweet_siren05

12 thoughts on “getting ready for the fire – in progress

  1. Luv your work Ronnie! Another two more incredible pieces. Can’t wait for the final unveilings!

  2. thanks Anna – I am looking forward to seeing these fired and then deciding the next step – I get very impatient with the long drawn out process of ceramics!

  3. Yes I am a bit like that myself – leather-hard, aged and weather worn. No I don’t make my own engobes I am still so new to clay and finishes that I am still trying to work through some of the basics – the place that I really want to get to is somehow marry my drawing with the sculpture – more exploratory and investigative.

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