burdenwithcare has had two firings and a final wax finish – still thinking about her headress  whether to stick with the jute or go with something a bit more decorative – perhaps leather but I also have a huge range of vintage linen threads which could also work.   burdenwithcare_detail2

handbuilt ceramic sculpture – engobe, inlaid terracotta, underglaze and stains
50 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm

burdenwithcare_detail3 burdenwithcare_detail4 burdenwithcare_whole


burdenwithcare_backwhole burdenwithcare_back

22 thoughts on “burdenwithcare

  1. It appears as though she is being manipulated or forced into following orders from someone or something much more powerful than her…. perhaps in a robotic sense! But the fragility and sadness that you have portrayed in her expression is profoundly exquisite! Another lovely piece Ronnie!

  2. thanks Steven – I am thinking the jute will stay at the moment – but she hasn’t been promised anywhere yet so I have time to sit and reflect – luxury really !

  3. Hi V, I love her. So, beautiful, delicate and a portrayal of an immense vulnerability. Perhaps, she has is no voice and is apart of the marginalised people of the world. Well done. Kx

  4. Thanks Kirsty – yes it was the vulnerable that I was thinking about (we in this country have too many children locked up in detention centres because of some kind of irrational fear of difference). x

  5. Actually, I watched a docu on the detention centers recently in AU – highly confronting for oneself – a marginalised people. It is certainly portrayed in this piece. Kx

  6. I always see movement in your work; the turn of a head, the glance of an eye. Al those subtle little movements where expression says more than words.

  7. Thanks for that feedback – it is the stillness of clay that I fight against – so I am quite chuffed that you think I have
    managed to introduce some subtle movement – thank you

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