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Moreton Bay Art Prize is one of the few major art prizes in south-east Queensland region – so it is always nice to be included in the final jury selection.  This year I only entered the 3D section with dontpushmybuttons – even the good get weary 40 x 30 x 30 cm terracotta, engobe, underglaze and stains 

don't push my buttons

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  1. I can understand how you can mentally and physically take only just so much, before you feel like your own body is being totally “eaten up” so to speak! ….Your artistic interpretation of these feelings is intensely profound Ronnie, and so utterly convincing at the same time! Beautifully executed work and congratulations on being selected for the Moreton Bay Art Prize!

  2. How do these competitions work? Are they open to all artists to enter or do you need to be nominated? Here’s hoping that you have great success here.

  3. Many are open to everyone to enter – this award certainly is and they have two first prizes split between three categories 2D, 3D and photography/digital of $7500.
    On a rating scale Moreton Bay wouldn’t be attracting the really high-profile Australian artists. Entries are usually all handled online – so it all comes down to how good the digital image of your work is. For us it is a good prize to enter because it is almost local (only an hour away) so delivery is not expensive. Many awards in the southern states are incredibly expensive to ship work to if you do happen to be a successful entrant. Normally there is some sort of selection committee that chooses work for the final exhibition from the images provided and then a final judge will select the winner from the exhibited works. As you can imagine the selected entries don’t always appeal to everyone.
    It can be a good way to get your work seen by other people and galleries. A friend of mine was offered an exhibition from a very good gallery after having her work spotted in a drawing prize – so it does happen. But I have to say more often than not you can waste a lot of time and effort (and money for entry fees) on trying to be selected for art prizes and awards. As long as you don’t let rejection get to you it is all good!!!! But the rejections sometimes can be pretty de-moralising when you then see what has been selected. 🙂 Some art prizes are by invitation only.
    Hope this helps.

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