burdenwithcare- in progress

for the first time in several months I am getting an opportunity to just play in the studio – my next planned exhibition isn’t until the end of 2015 – and although there are some other plans underway – the pressure is off and the there is time to just explore some different aspects of clay and finishes.

burdenwithcare – handbuilt ceramic vessel, engobe, terrasigillata, and underglaze – is waiting for its first firingburdenwithcare burdenwithcare02

and a previous post on ‘tellingmystory‘ whilst waiting for a firing has undergone significant change.  I am looking forward to seeing the alchemy.tellingmystory05 tellingmystory04

17 thoughts on “burdenwithcare- in progress

  1. Ronnie, once again you have created two more superbly beautiful pieces of work! Each one is so expressive in their own right and yet they both evoke such tremendous feelings from the power of love and what it can mean to mankind! The creativity and emotion that you have developed from your original piece “telling my story” has left me feeling absolutely speechless and spellbound! …. And your “burden with care” is without doubt, sadness personified! Lovely work!

  2. Gorgeous details and so evocative of mysteries. I’m just sitting here imagining a story… in what time-era and under what circumstances would one encounter these individuals. Fascinating.

  3. now we await the fire … to see what happens with the colour – it can be a make or break :0 thanks for your generous comments. The first firing is next monday all things going to plan!

  4. that’s a beautiful comment Karen – still a long way to go with these before they get to the finish line – I think part of the appeal of clay is that I am learning that I can capture that journey and lock it into the layers during the process. thanks

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