tusk gallery opening

fly-in fly-out – a very busy 24 hours but what a great night.  I met up with the owners of tusk gallery Gary and Georgie and their staff Katie and Olivia at the opening. All generous beautiful people doing knock out work – the gallery looked stunning, the opening was in full swing. great music, food and atmosphere.  I was very fortunate to sell a good girl scout – neverleaveshomewithoutherhanky and red (one of the original sirens)

Here is a couple of photos of the chameleonrecruits together for the first time – perhaps a little challenging but certainly telling a story ! Many thanks to Gary and Georgie for offering this great opportunity.  If you are in Melbourne well worth visiting the gallery there is always great viewing.

group1 group2 group3

18 thoughts on “tusk gallery opening

  1. Congratulations Veronica, so good to know all that hard work paid off! It must have been a wonderful – and very full – 24 hours. The exhibition (as far as I could see from Facebook pictures) looked great, and Tusk looks like a gallery that carries interesting work.

  2. Lovely to see the combination of all your beautiful work exhibited together at the Tusk Gallery Ronnie! Congratulations and well done on the success of your opening night and I’m really pleased to hear that you had such an enjoyable evening also!

  3. Thanks Anna – the gallery is a stunning space and the exhibition was huge -something for everyone !
    Gary is very good at posting on facebook always something new going on. It was a great opportunity.

  4. Thanks Rosie – I suspect that the gallery viewers didn’t have quite the same response – lucky for me I have some great support online 🙂

  5. As always Karen I appreciate your generous comments and support – I am also deeply flattered that you saw a connection between Kirsty’s work and mine. Technology provides so many wonderful avenues to build connections and friendships thank-you x

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