another fiery redhead out of the kiln

Currently I am producing work for a small three person show with David at Rosebed Street Gallery in October.

siren detail

ceramic sculpture – underglaze, engobe and stains – once fired 1100 degrees  50 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm

And more good news ‘sweet siren songs’ has been selected as one of 15 finalists in the Kenilworth Art Prize …. whoopee !!!

sweet siren song
sweet siren song

11 thoughts on “another fiery redhead out of the kiln

  1. Congratulations Ronnie…It’s wonderful news that you have been selected as a finalist in the Kenilworth Art Prize Exhibition. Good luck to you with your Sweet Siren Song painting. I love it! And your new Fiery Redhead certainly demands a somewhat fierceful attention! Go Girl!!!

  2. Thanks for the lovely feedback Karen – always provides a great impetus to get back into the studio (not that I need much encouragement – great escape for me 🙂 )

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