a good girl scout – neverleaveshomewithoutherhanky

Exciting developments I have been asked to provide sculptures to Tusk Gallery in South Yarra for an exhibition opening in March. Despite the short time frame I did have some work underway –

a good girl scout- neverleaveshomewithoutherhanky

From the siren, satyrs, sinners and saints series –

a good girl scout – never leaveshomewithoutherhanky
mixed media sculpture, ceramic, vintage meccano, ankle shoe studs, underglaze, engobe, terra sigillata, stains ย 45 x 35 x30 cm

a good girl scout- neverleaveshomewithoutherhanky a good girl scout- neverleaveshomewithoutherhanky a good girl scout- neverleaveshomewithoutherhanky


For those interested in process – she is hand built ‘Keane’s Special K” white groggy clay.
underglazed on her ‘hat’, engobe on her face, bisqued, then more stain and underglaze applied then fired to 1140 degrees. ย Vintage meccano and a piece from one of my daughter’s broken sandals forms the shoulder pad (waste not)!! She then has a wax finishing on hat and a matt medium applied to the body for a bit of protection.


20 thoughts on “a good girl scout – neverleaveshomewithoutherhanky

  1. This is another truly magnificent piece of sculpture Ronnie! …. Your new siren utterly took my breath away, when I first saw her! Your absolutely beautiful attention to detail and the richness of colour in your patterns and shapes, makes her life appear as though she carries a huge burden on her shoulders! …. And yet, I find the expression on her face to be so profoundly intense, that she becomes totally captivating! Congratulations to you for your new exhibition of work at Tusk Gallery! Good luck with all your new pieces and we are looking forward to seeing you all again on Sunday!

  2. thanks – it is the first time I will be showing so many pieces in Melbourne at one time – so a little bit excited ๐Ÿ™‚
    normally only get to put one piece into a juried show or exhibition.

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    Veronica’s Sculptures are arriving at Tusk Gallery today….just in time for the opening of “Urban Amazons and other Eclecticities”. She explains the process…….

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