chameleonrecruits – before the fire

Nearly 2 months since I have posted something – we have been very busy helping our eldest twin prepare for her latest adventure – 12 months volunteering in North Yorkshire UK.  Apparently it started to snow yesterday – her first experience of the white, wet stuff !!!  I have not entirely neglected the studio and this morning 3 new ceramic sculptures went into the kiln.  Sneak peak of one of them before firing …these are still from the sirens, satyrs, sinners and saints series

chameleonrecruits_01 chameleonrecruits_detail_01


ceramic sculpture, underglaze, engobe, inlay, print and stains  60 x 25 cm


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  1. Looking good Veronica. From Australia in summer to North Yorkshire in winter is a bit of a shock to the system, but she will have fun! I have one daughter just returned from visiting UK and Europe, cold and a bit of snow, but has enjoyed it all.

  2. Wow. This piece is loaded. What an exquisite piece of art! Do you work loosely within your theme or do you express a specific idea with designs and then create the work? Congrats on your daughter’s great adventure.

  3. Lovely to see you back with your wonderful work Victoria and all best to your daughter and the joys to be had in North Yorkshire! My son went to school up there!

  4. I love these pieces. Glad to see your work again.

    And for your daughter, I recommend warrm socks. Two pairs, if needed. If your feet are warm, you are ok in cold weather, or at least that is what I think!

  5. Thanks Anna, just taking my time to get back into the swing of it – I have some exciting news to come – when this work comes out of the kiln 🙂 Children appear to travel far and wide – glad she has the opportunity to spread her wings I suspect the other twin maybe missing her (a little) 🙂

  6. Thanks Steven – I worry sometimes that the work is too loaded but I like to be challenged/ engaged by other people’s art so it is wonderful for me that you like it 🙂 I work pretty loosely within a theme and as one piece develops other ideas start to emerge and demand attention. If I have too an explicit idea before I commence a new piece – I tend to overwork and ruin it. I always start with a head and let the face emerge from the clay – it may take many attempts to get it just right and even if I tried to repeat a face I can’t do it. The face dictates then how the rest of the form will take shape.

  7. I agree with you warm feet make a huge difference hopefully the village she is volunteering in has good heating – I think she is settling in okay – thanks.

  8. Another wonderful piece, Ronnie…. I love the beautiful detail that you have included around the neckline area! And I am really happy to hear that Jessie is settling into her new position in Yorkshire…. Hope she thoroughly enjoys her stay there!

  9. Thanks the pieces are back in the kiln now for a second firing – I am hoping they come out unscathed and ‘interesting’ enough to show. Might see you on sunday ‘weather’ permitting. 🙂

  10. s/he looks like she is leaning out to see over the horizon and far far away to a place near whitby. As always wonderful new figures moving on – love the pattern around the collar – very stylish dresser. Never fear ronnie, I am sure Lattiude will send your sunshine home again safe and sound and all grown up!! They’re good like that…we are thinking of her often and hoping she’s enjoying her grand new adventure as much as the mouse did xxxus waggans (n me from hobart)

  11. Hobart! i am taking a wild guess that you are doing some last minute research for phd. must be close to submission or have you finally done it. I hope the latter 🙂 I think Jess will be fine she looked pretty happy in the last photos she posted they celebrated australia day with a bbq in the snow! There is currently another co-carer in the house that she is getting along with really well from Germany so that has made the transition far easier. Certainly a bit of an eye opener for her but I am so proud of her – so far from home.

  12. Thanks Al – my daughter has gone with a group called ‘Latitude Global Volunteering’ worthwhile having a look at their website to see where and how the volunteers participate – they offer a fairly extensive program from short stays 3 months to 12 months or longer all over the world. From teaching to care assistants, to schools assistants and sports coaches.
    She has gone as a care assistant to Botton Village in the UK. The village is a fully self sufficient group of farms with about 300 residents approximately half of whom have an intellectual disability. Everyone in the village has a job and everyone contributes towards the community’s success. They have a butcher, baker, diary, weavers etc. She is living in a shared house with a family with three small children and four adults with a disability. At the moment she helps around the house in the morning, prepares lunch (main meal of the day) and is working in one of the village stores in the afternoon. I think she will be able to work in a variety of roles in the village. For us it was an interesting choice for her to make as her twin sister has cerebral palsy – but the UK was always going to be easier than perhaps India or Japan. The village apparently attracts volunteers from all over the world to work on the farms. She has now been there for nearly 4 weeks and now appears to be settling in. 🙂

  13. That sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but I run a studio/gallery program for adult artists with ID and DD. I will look the UK program up.

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