sometimes resolving the piece takes time and sometimes things fall into place – I think she is finished (for now) but she has had quite a few additions and subtractions along the way.

tellingmystory_detail tellingmystory_detail2 tellingmystory_detail4 tellingmystory


hand built ceramic sculpture, engobe, underglaze, japanese tissue stencils, vintage apron and kimono silks, embridery, decaying canvas 50 x 30 x 20 cm

12 thoughts on “tellingmystory

  1. Oh Ronnie! I marvelled at your initial piece before the first firing, but now, what you have created is beyond words I think! They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and you have definitely succeeded in telling your story! I honestly cried when I saw how your “Cinderella” has turned out! She is more than a princess…. She is captivating…. She is beautiful…. And she is absolutely magnificent…. And now I am truly lost for words! How can you improve on perfection?

  2. thanks for your very generous comments – feeling very humbled ! I think she is still a bit of ‘cinderella’ perhaps still waiting to emerge 🙂

  3. The journey has been very worthwhile Veronica. There is such a sense of narrative, thought-provoking elements. I especially love the misty little face below. To me there is very much a mother and child sense.

  4. thanks Anna – it was a very unresolved piece – so I am pleased that you think she has made it successfully to the end of her journey. 🙂

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