18 thoughts on “on the road to tusk

  1. Is this “the hand that rocks the cradle” or could it be “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”? ….Saints and sinners alike…. you be the judge!! Looks like a case of ….”see no evil” to me!! (Attitude diocesan…. atrociously diabolical!!) Extremely explicit work Ronnie ….Well done!! Hope all your sculptures arrive safely at Tusk Gallery and once again, good luck with the exhibition!

  2. thanks Sally – there are just so many overwhelming aspects to what has been recently uncovered and yet so many people knew what was happening and have stood around in denial – too many stories.

  3. once again you bring something else to the ‘story’ an interpretation that I hadn’t put into words. the packaging for melbourne is possibly overkill – but with any luck they will travel the distance in one piece or should that be peace.

  4. finally the work arrived at the gallery yesterday afternoon – and they started hanging last night. I am also looking forward to seeing them together (the recruits) but I think there should be many more … possibly a bit too malevolent ? always appreciate your comments thanks Al

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