loss reverence and longing

Currently working towards finishing installation piece for ‘loss reverence and longing’ at Wagga Wagga City Gallery.  This exhibition is part of the centenary commemorations of
the ANZAC story.  My contribution is called ‘absence’ and is four x 4 metre length panels
of gauze field bandage with cigarette cards sandwiched between the layers and stitched. The sculpture sits in front of the panels.

a_cay_veronica_allthekingsmen allthekingshorsesand

memory sticks

a bit of a play on memory quilts and usb (memory) sticks – clay body covered and stitched, sticks wrapped with vintage fabrics and thread.  50 x 56 x 30 cmmemory sticks_detail memorysticks02 memorysticks03

make over

My favourite pastime at the moment appears to be ‘make over’.  I have been working over St. Sebastion’s Wife for a few days now and finally I think the work maybe finished. I have posted the original and the ‘make over’.The new piece has several gel medium prints on silk from photos of my caryatids.

the make over

st. sebastion's wife  150 x 90
st. sebastion’s wife 150 x 90



last week I took my sewing machine into the life studio – usually i draw directly onto canvas or linen and then stitch – on thursday I stitched directly onto the canvas – trying to capture movement and feeling – the colour is watered down acrylic applied to the back of the canvas  This is the result after several more hours of stitching.