make over

My favourite pastime at the moment appears to be ‘make over’.  I have been working over St. Sebastion’s Wife for a few days now and finally I think the work maybe finished. I have posted the original and the ‘make over’.The new piece has several gel medium prints on silk from photos of my caryatids.

the make over

st. sebastion's wife  150 x 90
st. sebastion’s wife 150 x 90


5 thoughts on “make over

  1. This is fantastic, first I love the idea of imagining Sebastian’s wife- I imagine she was long suffering. But most importantly your images are engaging.
    I like how frank you are about the need to rework, often; I too must rework but often fail to record the progress of the work as admirably as you do.
    Good work,
    thanks for sharing,

  2. Thanks LG – having progress shots is sometimes serendipitous – I have a shot because I thought the work was finished. Sadly I am also really good at overworking an image and ruining it – I have been toying with the notion of a new series ‘saints and sinners’ but I still need to do a lot more background reading – St Sebastion’s wife is the first – a saint. Always appreciate your comments. cheers

  3. Well you aren’t the only person able to nitpick a work to destruction , it seems to be favorite past-time of mine, rectifying “improvements”.
    Eager to see more saints and sinners, I have a particular passion for saints ( and I suppose sin as well). I have a rather large collection of saints, images, statues, mostly 19th c., a few older. They really inspire the work, if not directly, at least compositionally.
    until next time, take care,

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