loss reverence and longing

Currently working towards finishing installation piece for ‘loss reverence and longing’ at Wagga Wagga City Gallery.  This exhibition is part of the centenary commemorations of
the ANZAC story.  My contribution is called ‘absence’ and is four x 4 metre length panels
of gauze field bandage with cigarette cards sandwiched between the layers and stitched. The sculpture sits in front of the panels.

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10 thoughts on “loss reverence and longing

  1. The expression of agony and suffering on this poor fellows face is utterly profound, and yet there is bravery and a resolute determination hidden in his character which seems to propel him forward beyond belief! Wonderful work Veronica!

  2. Thanks Anna – I haven’t been applying much attention to my blog for a long time must stop by and see what you have been doing 🙂

  3. thanks Wilma – I am still trying to get through a huge backlog of ‘to do’s’ I really shouldn’t have accepted your lovely offering – but I will get there cheers 🙂

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