drawing on vessels

the previous vessels with drawn images were collaged onto the side – this vessel almost has a repeat pattern drawn directly into the clay.  everyone has their own way of accomplishing a task – after trial and error the best method  for me has been to cover the freshly hand built form in underglaze before it gets to the leather hard stage – and to carve back into the vessel while the clay is still quite moist.  vessel#3_03 vessell#3 vessel#3_02


keanes white rake, hand built, underglaze, terra sigillata, sgraffito, encaustic and vintage buttons h 30cm

5 thoughts on “drawing on vessels

  1. I love your beautifully carved drawings and the rich earthy textures and colours that you have achieved with this new technique, Veronica! This vessel conveys the intensely delightful appearance of resembling a somewhat ancient artefact! Well done!

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