10 thoughts on “do you really want to play house?

  1. There is a wonderful connection and continuity of feeling in your drawings Veronica and I am totally captivated by the facial expression on this new piece! You approach your art with such tremendous gusto, thoughtfulness and motivation! Beautiful work!

  2. This drawing was such a struggle – but eventually started to emerge – the progress shots provide some interesting diversions – thanks for your comments much appreciated

  3. These are great. I am so glad I clicked on them and see the enlarged version. Lots of details of the expressions and fluidity of line and mood of tone come into view. Marvelous work!

  4. thanks Rosie, really appreciate your comments – apologies for the long delay in answering just
    under the hammer trying to get too many things completed 🙂

  5. Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the rhythm and at other times it is really hard to get anything happening it is a really special place when it happens thanks for your comments.

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