11 thoughts on “Urban Amazons and other Eclecticities

  1. the poster works well – for once I am not in control of the graphics for poster/invites – and it was a lovely surprise to see this appear online. I am loving exploring ‘headgear’ – generations have worn some amazing pieces – lots more to come with this. Is it any warmer yet ?

  2. Thanks for the ‘follow’ Veronica – hope to get along to the exhibition at South Yarra. I really love the piece shown here and agree the headgear is a really bold (but playful!) idea.

  3. Thanks Chas – I need to apologise about the ‘follow’ I was certain I had done it months ago but maybe the gremlins were at work? It would be great if you could get to ‘Tusk’ and see some of the work in the ‘real world’ 🙂

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