seasonofsummerlonging is the third piece that will be trundling its way to Melbourne. I am having wooden crates made so that hopefully the work will arrive safely.

seasonofsummerlonging_detail seasonofsummerlonging


mixed media sculpture, ceramic, engobe, terra sigillata, stains, underglaze, vintage plastic flowers and string  62 x 30 x 30 cm

8 thoughts on “seasonofsummerlonging

  1. This brings to mind the heady floral notes of lazy summer afternoons and steamy summer nights! ….There even seems to be a hint of “Casablanca” hidden somewhere out of sight! ….Intriguing, yet fascinating piece, Ronnie! It’s truly gorgeous! Once again, good luck with your new exciting venture into the land of Urban Amazons and other Eclecticity!!

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