sneak peak – new exhibition at tusk gallery

… sneak peak at some of the work currently being hung at tusk gallery south yarra melbourne – exhibition ‘urban amazons and other eclecticities’ opens thursday night at 6.00pm.

the following images are from the tusk gallery facebook page lots of images and well worth visiting.  getting very excited flying out of the sunshine coast to melbourne on thursday morning 🙂

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6 thoughts on “sneak peak – new exhibition at tusk gallery

  1. Looks absolutely amazing Ronnie! Hope everything goes really well for you on your trip down to Melbourne for the opening night!…. Sounds like you are in for a very exciting adventure! Good luck from all of us at home!

  2. The artists seem to have been carefully chosen, so the works complement one another – the colours in the painting work beautifully with your pieces. Should be a great exhibition! Have FUN!

  3. When I see images of your work I imagine that your sculptures are really big. I kind of like that about the internet where scale is often indeterminate. I hope your show is a success!

  4. This is really funny because when we saw these images we were surprised at how big the paintings were. I had been imagining that the paintings were about 24″ square and my sculptures are around the 20″ or 50 to 70 cm – sort of the same ball park. They are somewhat dwarfed. Scale is really confusing in images where you have no comparative measure. I asked a selector/judge once about this – ie were they often shocked/surprised when work came in for juried shows selected from digital images (of course the answer was no because they look at the dimensions….) but I am often really surprised 🙂 It will be good to get to Melbourne and see what the response is – it would be great to cover costs
    and get invited back !

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