out on a limb

I must admit I had been feeling a little  raw and exposed – out on a limb – but fantastic news this afternoon I have sold a substantial number of works from my show – sheer bliss – the feeling is fantastic.  I had purchased a swag of new paper on thursday and had been thinking maybe I was being a bit extravagant but all good now.  Here is another drawing from life drawing on thursday that I have coloured up a bit with watercolour pencils. A4 strathmore with  biro and watercolour pencils. out-on-a-limb

19 thoughts on “out on a limb

  1. That is so good, there really is nothing quite like the feeling that your work is now in someone’s home and out in the world….well done!!

  2. That’s great news. Just been admiring your drawings and how well you capture human form.

  3. Dear Veronica,

    I am very pleased to hear this good news. I had no doubt about the sales, but cash is king! You are a very talented person and your work is worth investing in – lucky are those who purchased one of your pieces!

    A happy fan,

  4. Thanks Elephant – you know those gremlins have been mucking around with my wordpress as well comments seem to disappear or not be in the right place? my apologies if I miss something – always appreciate your generous thoughts.

  5. Congratulations Veronica, I am so pleased that sales are good – I know sales are not the only marker of worth, but they sure make a difference! And it justifies a splurge on paper. I am delighted for you, but the recognition you are getting is no accident, your work is very good. Keep skipping!

  6. Veronica you’re amazing and so talented. So glad to hear your good news. Well deserved. I’m moved by the drawings in this post. Thank you for sharing. Continue to be very blessed. Michele

  7. Thanks Anna – I am very mindful of a comment that you made earlier about someone liking something enough to want to take it home – it resonates with me – and that is what makes the purchases special. Thanks also for your generous encouragement and support.

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