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  1. Pompeii – yes, thank you – it has always been something and I just couldn’t find it!

    Veronica, another evocative piece. You know I’d like to know how the show is going (if you don’t mind). I will try not to gush!

  2. Thanks Elephant – remember I said your gremlins had got into my system – they must be back in yours too đŸ™‚ A wonderful thing happened last week and I sold a large number of key pieces – I feel very humbled to have sold so many – it also makes it a lot easier to go into the studio every morning and keep working. I am happy to have ‘gush’ all comments are greatly appreciated! kindest regards Veronica

    veronica cay ronniecay@me.com http://veronicacay.com

  3. Oh good! I sometimes feel that others will think I am a nut because I love your work so much and gush in an unabashed way – although I do see there are many like minded gushing fans commenting on your posts.

    I know you must like your own work – who makes art they don’t like? But the leap to believing that other people feel the same way is strangely difficult. The sales are no surprise to me (or your other fans), but they are very personal for you. Your success is a pleasure for everyone who likes your work – we don’t feel humble as fans – you definitely shouldn’t as the artist.


    Go forth recharged – we will all enjoy seeing the results.

  4. > “I know you must like your own work – who makes art they don’t like?”

    > Often – sometimes the technical difficulties are beyond my grasp so I am always trying to push through – experiment with the mediums – and ‘make – over’ I am always truly amazed at what others think are successful pieces of work and the ones which I think are more resolved. Sometimes they are the same but I am a nit picker I see the faults with everything – and finishing drives me nuts. But I do really appreciate your gracious and generous support. For me I think I am only at the beginning of my journey even though I am well into middle age! I am certainly going forward recharged with possibilities.

    veronica cay ronniecay@me.com http://veronicacay.com

  5. I would love to give you more advice (e.g. people don’t see your technical issues at all!), but I think you are on a positive trajectory and that is exactly the right path. You ARE at the beginning of your journey – everyday – glad you are recharged.
    My Best,

  6. Thanks – and thank you for posting link to the dance video I meant to leave a comment on your post but was called away – it was stunning!

  7. That clip is awesome. I’ve now watched about 30 times. I want to paint from it but haven’t the skill to work directly to represent the moving image and it loses its magic in still frame. Still working on this. I have ideas …

  8. Once again, thanks. I know so little of art, only what I chance across or people introduce me to. So i was unfamiliar with this piece. But even as i wrote this I realised I know of the artist by another work … “Gassed”. Each year I teach medical students on the principles of chemotherapy and I start with that painting (and another image, of Paul Erlich as depicted on a Deutsch mark).
    As for this, it takes skill to undertake such gestural drawings, but that is this week’s task I think, even if only for half an hour a day. For good or ill, I’ll post it.

  9. You are welcome – and I knew you would know the work of John Singer Sargent
    ‘gassed’ is an amazing work. Here is another link to an amazing pinterest site which is one of the best collections of images I have ever come across. From traditional to abstract imagery, drawings in particular across the centuries. Enjoy! http://pinterest.com/pschappler/

  10. Finally, after (I swear) looking for new posts – I found the show installation post and I watched the Vimeo clip twice. What a wonderful show! When it is over, I want to know what pieces sold. I have a feeling about a few of them. You must be very proud of producing such an amazing group of pieces – well, I guess we have established this already. I could be jealous, but what’s the point!
    Still your super-fan,

  11. Oh so glad you finally found the video – I was thinking of emailing you a link this morning as I was wondering whether it was one of the posts that went missing – all good now. I have marked the sold pieces on the sculpture and drawing pages on my site – as always – appreciate your comments and enthusiasm kindest regards veronica

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