I can see clearly now !

My exhibition ends tomorrow and I am looking forward to bringing some of the pieces home.  Below are a couple of installation stills of the caryatids.

install_cary1 install_cary2 install_cary3 install_flight

Apologies for not posting anything for the last few weeks – I have been busy but perhaps more importantly I have had the second cataract removed from my eyes.

Having been  all but monocular for the last few months has been a bit challenging but I am very fortunate that my eyesight has now been restored.  And yes I can see all the wrinkles.

15 thoughts on “I can see clearly now !

  1. Thanks Elephant – I am very lucky that my eyes could be so easily fixed – not everyone is so fortunate. The hardest part is not getting water in your eye for a month!

  2. Well, that would be very hard to do! I get water in my eye all the time! But you will be careful and you won’t get a drop in your eye! That is what my crystal ball shows me!

  3. Perhaps you as the last person I will ask (and probably the sixth person I have asked!), will tell me how you came to look at the Polar Bears Share “A Memory of Home” post.

    I can’t believe how many views this post has had! People look at it endlessly (at least in my modest blogging world) every day! How does everyone get there? PLEASE TELL ME!!!!! I have asked people before but they never respond. Maybe they think I am nuts or something for asking, but you already know how nuts I am (or am not), so I doubt you will be bothered by telling me. Is it some “automatic” place Elephant’s Picture Book interested people go???? Would REALLY like to know. I imagine it is a simple question – and I will feel silly about my lack of understanding, but a dumb question or not – I would appreciate knowing!

  4. Far from a silly question because I have also pondered sometimes the random ‘likes’ which appear to come from out of the blue. I am guessing that it happens when you have liked something in the reader And the person who has posted the blog page gets a notification that Elephant liked something and perhaps you might like to go and see what they have done. You get a selection to choose from – perhaps Polar Bears comes up more often than any other selection? This is how I came to it. Hope that makes some sense. Cheers

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  5. Those are beautiful. Each figure is so unique and expressive and I love their little boxes. Are those card catalogue drawers?

  6. Oh, and I hope your eye heals quickly. I’ve had friends who have had cataracts removed and they’ve said it’s been like a miracle.

  7. Thanks for your generous comment – no the drawers are vintage sewing machine drawers originally from treadle sewing machines and then early electric machines.
    But file card drawers is an interesting option that I hadn’t thought about (and I have some already – must have a closer look thanks)

  8. My eyes are deteriorating fast, keep upping the magnification power of my reading glasses. I wish I could see these caryatids in person. I think it would be hard to keep my hands off. Your caryatids are wondrous.

  9. Thanks – glad you saw something you liked – it is always really interesting seeing/hearing people’s reactions to my work – often quite polarised.

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