out on a limb

I must admit I had been feeling a little  raw and exposed – out on a limb – but fantastic news this afternoon I have sold a substantial number of works from my show – sheer bliss – the feeling is fantastic.  I had purchased a swag of new paper on thursday and had been thinking maybe I was being a bit extravagant but all good now.  Here is another drawing from life drawing on thursday that I have coloured up a bit with watercolour pencils. A4 strathmore with  biro and watercolour pencils. out-on-a-limb

life drawing april 18

I love drawing with a biro and sometimes I pull them at life drawing sessions here is one image from thursday I did some others but I want to add a bit of colour to them first – this is an A4 strathmore visual journal 20 min pose.



untitledI have just starting to play around with mono prints – this was done by painting acrylic onto glass and taking a print by placing the paper on top and pressing with my hand.  I have then worked back into the print with charcoal.

new model

Life drawing sessions started again this morning after nearly 2 months away.  We had a new model and I found it very tough going – nothing seemed to be working for me.  Maybe one drawing is publishable but the rest is better left in the round file!life_session30jan