18 thoughts on “working drawings for sirens, saints and sinners

  1. Thanks for posting these images…you do draw beautifully. How does the box (ammo box or sewing drawer) come into the picture? Sorry to ask so many questions…I’ve always been fascinated by other artists’ working and thinking processes.

  2. Can’t wait to see this series. I thoroughly enjoy how you can sense the structure of these figures. Good use of anatomy. Love how heavy the figures feel. I also love the very basic, animal nature of these sketches.

  3. Thanks Al I don’t mind answering the questions – the boxes are first and foremost ‘memory triggers’ particularly the sewing machine drawers. When many/most homes had a sewing machine and many hours were spent mending and creating new clothes – the drawers became a repository of daily items from pockets as well as left over bits of braid, buttons, threads etc.
    Other vintage boxes act in the same way and trigger place, time events. Their pre-use also automatically carries a history – so a story already exists that is carried forward – honouring the past. The boxes also define a space, act as a frame etc. provide a prop even though most of my pieces are freestanding the sewing machine drawers do provide a safe haven and stability.

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