breathing a sigh of relief

don’t push my buttons – came through the bisque but I was really unhappy with the result – I added more stain, more engobe and some very watery underglaze colours – put it back in the kiln and crossed my fingers. (maybe I prayed to the kiln god as well!)don't push my buttons dont_push_detail


terracotta and white clays, stains , engobe and underglaze approx. 40 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm.

14 thoughts on “breathing a sigh of relief

  1. A perplexing and intriguing mystery surrounds this piece, Ronnie! …. And I love the subtle colours and textures captured in the details!

  2. Thanks Anna it is a very ‘removed’ process not being entirely sure what comes out of the kiln – however I am also attracted to this element of chance – this time I was a bit lucky 🙂

  3. Yes the surfaces, now that the figures are much larger become a statement almost in their own right – the challenge for me will be bringing all these elements into play successfully – the kiln god smiled last week – but I also like sailing into the unknown!

  4. Yes I have heard tell of these pagan rituals with outdoor wood kilns burning throughout the night and often into the next but sadly I have only turned to ceramics recently so undergrad college(now a long time ago) was all art history and textiles 😦

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