8 thoughts on “life drawing april 18

  1. What a terrific life drawing. It makes me wonder whether the textures and patterns are invented by you for effect, or if the model was partly clothed. I suspect the former. What were your inspirations for the patterns?

  2. Thanks and yes the former – I am an old textiler by trade so patterns are part of the vocabulary but what I am trying to explore is how I might incorporate pattern into and onto my sculptures – mark marking. i also have to be perfectly honest sometimes I get really bored in life drawing with endless reclining bodies – I prefer more upright and active poses and the mark making was also in part filling in time – glad you liked it .

  3. That makes sense. It’s too bad the models where you go aren’t more … perky. The ones who do the sessions at my studio are generally pretty adventurous. Some times almost too much so.

    Anyway, thank you for sharing a peek into your creative process. Your textile-informed technique is very arresting.

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