last caryatids – finished

I have waxed and polished the drawers and glued the girls in place (I envisage at night they poke their heads out  and have a chin wag) now all I have to do is pack the whole lot up for delivery monday.  Here are some pics of the final two.


The above caryatid is suspended inside the drawer.  Part of her head and body is covered in scrim and then waxed.


22 thoughts on “last caryatids – finished

  1. So amazing! Your show is here and you have so much fantastic work. I hope you will “cover” the set up and opening. I wish you all the best – I am sure it will be a wonderful show!
    My Best,

  2. Thanks Elephant I must admit the pre-show anticipation/nerves/excitement are starting to gnaw away
    I really appreciate all your encouragement and support kindest regards veronica

  3. Eternally suspended….superb Ronnie……you have gone somewhere else with these stunning pieces.I now wonder where you will go next in your search for whatever it is ?

  4. thanks Karen work creates work – each building upon or creating a counterpoint to another. I am itching to get back in the studio this morning as I have something underway – but I am packing up all the work for tomorrow.
    hopefully see you on thursday cheers

  5. This is a very thought-provoking artwork … my thoughts about it involve words like ’emerging’, ‘trapped’, ‘suspended’, ‘potential’ … love it! =D

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