installation – drawer(n) from life vimeo file

We are all done and dusted –  monday morning saw us delivering the work to Noosa Regional Gallery.  If I thought my task of getting everything there safely was an ordeal – the gallery staff were exhibiting a well oiled machine.  In two days they de-installed two huge exhibitions and installed four new shows.  A huge thank-you to their professionalism and capability and curatorial prowess in making my small contribution a pleasure to view.

I am attempting to upload a video of the installation via vimeo  – the link below is to a vimeo file

installation – drawer(n) from life

Opening night and artist talk have all gone off without a hitch – now I clean the house!!!

10 thoughts on “installation – drawer(n) from life vimeo file

  1. It looks fabulous Veronica – I love the way the caryatids in the drawers speak to the drawn figure squished inside the edges of the paper especially.
    Good luck with the cleaning – i always say that too, but somehow there is always another project waiting in the wings! 😉

  2. Oh – I did wonder about this – I have a first generation ipad and it does work when you are just using safari to access wordpress – but I just checked inside the wordpress app and it didn’t work. I will try to address this thanks for alerting me. cheers

  3. Thanks Sally – yes there are other projects waiting but I really do need to do some cleaning – it has been raining here for a couple of months and the mould is starting to cover everything. cheers

  4. Thanks Anna – it does look great in the gallery and has come together fairly well – you can never be sure until it is all hanging. Obviously there are things I would change if doing it all again 🙂 next time cheers

  5. Sorted. I looked via Safari
    Looks great. I’d come and see if I were not on the other side of the world. Great to have a glimpse though via the net.
    A moment’s reflection on the bleedin’ obvious: isn’t technology amazing? As a kid, we world have had to book a call to Australia. A few decades before that, communications would have been by boat. Marvellous, bleedin’ marvellous.

  6. Great I am glad that worked for you – absolutely agree with you about technology and was saying just that yesterday in my artist’s talk – the access to great stuff and ability to connect in ways unthought of in the past is truly amazing. thanks for looking. cheers

  7. Thanks Karen As you can see the gallery space is quite small, intimate and perfect for this body of work. I would have liked a bit more control with the lighting but it seems to be everything or nothing!
    I am not complaining we are lucky to have regional galleries that are prepared to exhibit and support local artists. All good. Really appreciate your generous comments. Warmest wishes veronica

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