installation – drawer(n) from life vimeo file

We are all done and dusted –  monday morning saw us delivering the work to Noosa Regional Gallery.  If I thought my task of getting everything there safely was an ordeal – the gallery staff were exhibiting a well oiled machine.  In two days they de-installed two huge exhibitions and installed four new shows.  A huge thank-you to their professionalism and capability and curatorial prowess in making my small contribution a pleasure to view.

I am attempting to upload a video of the installation via vimeo  – the link below is to a vimeo file

installation – drawer(n) from life

Opening night and artist talk have all gone off without a hitch – now I clean the house!!!

last caryatids – finished

I have waxed and polished the drawers and glued the girls in place (I envisage at night they poke their heads out  and have a chin wag) now all I have to do is pack the whole lot up for delivery monday.  Here are some pics of the final two.


The above caryatid is suspended inside the drawer.  Part of her head and body is covered in scrim and then waxed.


holding on

Out of the fire – but now I am faced with finishing – I have been playing around with different size sewing machine drawers and this particular sculpture fits really snugly into one of the smaller drawers.  However on the wall of the gallery – all the drawers being the same size – I think will look stronger.

holding on 


somewhere between summer’s longing and autumn’s kindness

I have spent the afternoon cleaning and waxing the vintage sewing machine drawers for my caryatids – I have 10 sculptures completed and I am hoping to place them all in the gallery along one wall on a perspex shelf at eye level.

Somewhere between Summer’s longing and Autumn’s kindness is one of the larger sculptures that I have ready – it may get edited out during bump-in.  She is 50cm tall.between summer's longing and autumn's kindness