9 thoughts on “installation – drawer(n) from life mobile vimeo version

  1. Veronica, so lovely to see you brilliant work slip into this space with such an overwhelming sense of belonging. My best wishes and congratulations to you!

  2. Hi Veronica, thank you for the Family Day today! It was so lovely to meet you and work with you. I admire your work, your process and tenacity with the kids. And I greatly appreciate you referring me to Natasha. I am really excited to see where that opportunity might lead. I cannot thank you enough!

    Zoe Martin
    (aka Zozo)

  3. So I finally got to see your fine work on video, so worth waiting for, it looks so good, totally suits the space fills it with emaotion. I especially love the caryatids, so well displayed.
    Thanks so much for posting and for making this beautiful art.

  4. and thank-you for your generous comments – the gallery has done a beautiful job displaying the work – it was a win win all round.

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