waiting for david_ sketchbook entry

Yesterday I was lucky enough to sit uninterrupted for a couple of hours waiting for David who was having a MRI (nothing life threatening – I hope). I started reading then pulled out my sketchbook. These could be some new caryatids developing – I need to get some new sculptures finished in the next few weeks for another adventure – hopefully I will have more to report on this front in the coming months.  biro in A5 sketchbookwaiting-room

10 thoughts on “waiting for david_ sketchbook entry

  1. It was a blessing and luckily for me there was no one else in the waiting room – normally I am just a bit too self-conscious to draw in public.

  2. Very cool. It’s wonderful that you have the presence of mind to spontaneously draw in spare moments. I am not so blessed. The drawings definitely seem to suggest further exploration…

  3. Thanks – this is also a fairly new development for me I have only really been drawing for a couple of years and it is addictive the more I do the more I want to do.

  4. Thanks Anna – just ongoing ‘matters of the heart’ he has already had nine lives 🙂 Yes I am sure more will come just trying to figure out yesterday how to translate into clay.

  5. Funny you should say that I was thinking about you drawing away on your ipad when I was waiting the other day. I have tried drawing a few times on it – without a great deal of success.
    I just marvel at the apparent ease of your ipad drawings. I will persevere some more when I have a bit more time.

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