caryatid_drawing2I have spent the day re-working this drawing and bringing some of the imagery from the background into the foreground and vice versa – might need to be sleeping on this a bit longer.  It is a large drawing 180 cm tall x 80 cm wide.


exhibition brochure to the printers


I took my exhibition brochure to the printers last week but  when they did a trial print the blacks were all different colours – I have spent some time trying to amend the problem between a number of different software packages – finally (many hours later and much cursing) the problem is all but fixed and we are going to print.  Not much left to do now – yesterday I also picked up all the drawings from framers – looking good!  The brochure is A4 (landscape) and folds down the middle.


mother courage – in progress 2




Progress on mother courage is going reasonably well.  I have finished  ‘six babies’ which fit snugly into her wings – currently lined with plastic – to stop the new wet clay from seeping through into the dry clay (hopefully).  I think most of the coconut fibre texture which is packed around the babies and their heads will burn out in firing.  To replicate this I think I will be able to make a slip from ‘air-hardening clay’ and more coconut fibre and just top it up to finish off the piece.  After firing I will probably finish with a mixture of ceramic stain and acrylic paint.  Time will tell 🙂  
mother_courage06 mother_courage07 mother_courage08 mother_courage09

maybe this time

We have been very busy here on the sunny coast with family visiting from Melbourne; and tidying up last minute things for both my exhibition and David’s exhibition  opening in the next few weeks.

maybe this time has had quite a few iterations however the new head was added after life drawing on thursday – the sad part is that the added head has lost something when it has been stuck down – the pastel has dropped in tone and gone a bit muddy – but maybe this time it will be finished 🙂

maybe this time
maybe this time