14 thoughts on “finishing sleep

  1. Tricky. Frame it or mount it? But, we don’t know the back story. I fear that outsde of the box, people will just read the box as a plinth? What woud be interesting and challenging, is both. You kinda want people to participate, maybe?

  2. In the box says “big sleep” to me = dead = evocative. On the box = maybe just something to put the statue on, but Anna may be right = people may wonder what’s in the box. I would put it in the box.

  3. I like the option of in the box. I enjoy the idea of anticipation and not knowing, then lifting the lid. To me this is what happens when I go to sleep, I enter an unknown place to find…???? So to me a sleeping figure inside a space, one that has a door or lid, illustrates this…

  4. Yes tricky – I like the idea of viewer participation but it can be confusing in a gallery where everything else is strictly ‘not touch’ – think it will be in the box with the lid open. Thanks for responding 🙂

  5. I have another sculpture that will be sitting on top of several boxes so yes looks like this one should be ‘in’ the box – thanks for commenting always good to get some feedback – always helpful.

  6. Beautiful… yes entering the unknown… being carried away by your dreams. When I was a small child every night when I went to sleep I climbed into a large basket and was transported away (I was a mad Enid Blyton fan and suspect that she may have planted that vision in my imagination. Thanks Claudia for triggering a memory 🙂

  7. To me, in the box looks more protected, like a whole night’s sleep in your own bed. On top of the box looks more like a short moment of rest, out of exhaustion, perhaps, on whatever place you find to lay down, even if it is uncomfortable and fully out in the open, exposed to others. So yes, definitely different associations here. Another great piece!

  8. Ah! another great comment – thanks for taking the time to respond – it is really interesting how even the associations inside the box are teasing out different responses – thanks

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