exhibition brochure to the printers


I took my exhibition brochure to the printers last week but  when they did a trial print the blacks were all different colours – I have spent some time trying to amend the problem between a number of different software packages – finally (many hours later and much cursing) the problem is all but fixed and we are going to print.  Not much left to do now – yesterday I also picked up all the drawings from framers – looking good!  The brochure is A4 (landscape) and folds down the middle.


19 thoughts on “exhibition brochure to the printers

  1. Must be exciting to see it all come together! I wish I could be there and see the exhibition myself, but am really happy that you share it with us online!

  2. The brochure looks great. I understand trying to get the blacks right – but if it is a bit off remember people will be turning the pages and they are going to be excited about the images – not necessarily detail oriented. Not saying it isn’t important – but your outstanding artwork will have them awe struck!

    Congratulations – you are getting close!

  3. All the best at your beautiful exhibition. I get some idea of the impact of your strong work when I click on your home page and see all the different figures together. Fantastic!

  4. Thanks Claudia – yes I think the group lined up together will have the most impact – this is certainly how I want to show them in the gallery.

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