new sketchbook process

Today I was trying out some new techniques – mixing graphite with turpentine – never tried this before so thought I would give it a go – this is A4 size – watercolour, graphite, turps and some pastel primer on paper.  Lots to experiment with here.sketchbook 15 jan

6 thoughts on “new sketchbook process

  1. No what I am doing – is loosely sketching in an outline with a conte pencil – then applying the watercolour – starting with wet on dry paper then working wet into wet – allowing that to dry then adding some transparent pastel primer in random strokes across the sheet – then adding more graphite using sticks and pencils. and conte crayons and pencils – then wiping back the marks with rag moistened with turps. At this stage you have the control of wiping back a lot or smudging a lot etc. The pastel primer acts in two ways – one as a resist and also as a grabber of colour. Hence you can get some random things happening. I am currently working on arches hot press paper. Probably lots of other ways of doing this but this is just what I have come up with 🙂

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