9 thoughts on “some things lost are never found

  1. So I’m trying to figure out if your pieces are about groupings of people or if they are about our being multitudes within ourselves.

  2. Hi Kevin – I like the ambiguity – and my response is it could go either way or both – not trying to be unhelpful – and I am searching for words here – the way we perceive ourselves and the way we are perceived by others is always shifting – a fractured kind of reality of who and what we are.

  3. thanks for the feedback – I have since had several more attempts at resolving this piece and the title is now very apt – or perhaps ‘you can’t go back’ would be even better 🙂

  4. HI Anna – it is now way different – after even more scribbling – lost now forever – don’t think I am even brave enough to post 🙂

  5. The body’s contours are defined by the translucent cloth. Somehow the broad stripes are evocative of the middle east (no idea why), but the shroud like lines on the upper torso set the mood. I think of mummies, ceremony and the sweet scent of embalming ointment on the arid air in a rock catacomb.

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