15 thoughts on “sketchbook

  1. Yes, going up is often harder than reducing! As most of my work is small (but I instinctively draw large) I am usually removing information from my initial drawings, rather than adding. It would be a shame to lose the immediacy you have in these drawings, but I am sure you will succeed!

  2. Anna – you are absolutely right – I have lost the immediacy – and ended up with some stilted parodies – but will keep on working it
    thanks for your encouragement.

  3. It’s interesting. I suspect your sculptures lose something of their power in being captured in a flat image. But your drawings stand out with a solidity and presence that is sculptural in nature.

  4. Thanks for your comments – and a very interesting observation about the sculpture – I probably need to spend more time on the setting up images and lighting etc. and perhaps this would help with the impact? Something for me to think about and try to resolve.

  5. HI
    It wasn’t a criticism of the sculpture but a comment on how impressed I am with the drawings. No, the way to see the sculpture is in real life. Your photos are fine.

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