measuring white noise – rud-abot-bot

measuring white noise – rud -abot- bot would be a bit of fun if it wasn’t so serious – currently we are in the throes of a federal election –

and the choices provide slim pickings (rudd or abbott)  .  clay body, muslin wrapped head, stitched with vintage fabrics and vintage tape measure, vintage metal meccano.

measuring white noise_detail measuringwhitenoise01 measuringwhitenoise02

memory sticks

a bit of a play on memory quilts and usb (memory) sticks – clay body covered and stitched, sticks wrapped with vintage fabrics and thread.  50 x 56 x 30 cmmemory sticks_detail memorysticks02 memorysticks03

like winning a small lottery


fringe dwellers posted a couple of weeks ago has been selected  as a finalist for the Wilson Art Prize
Northern Rivers New South Wales.  All good.  The drawing is from life drawing group last thursday.  A4 strathmore watercolour paper – faber castell pitt pen and conte crayons.

fringe dwellers


Couldn’t resist this one after finding some vintage fishing lures on ebay.

allureceramic sculpture, underglaze, stain, acrylic paint, vintage bass fishing lure and remnants of victorian silk patchwork quilt.  60 cm x 30 x 30

new siren – out of the fire



Yesterday I took several of these ladies out of the fire – slowly applying the finishing touches. Each figure is approx 60 cm high and they are made with white clay –  once fired – under glazed and  stains, acrylic painting with vintage fabrics.  I have yet to apply some sort of matt finish.


This figure was one of the first large sculptural pieces that I completed 12 months ago.Unresolved it stood in the corner of the studio abandoned while I struggled to get a more thematic group of works together for my solo exhibition last april.  Last week I started painting her more as an experiment towards some other large figures that I am currently working on – I am reasonably happy with the result – she is certainly more resolved. new_figure

mother courage final (detail)

I have been trying to finish ‘mothercourage’ for entry into a sculpture prize which closes on thursday.  I have all but finished the work – fired it on saturday and started colouring sunday night. I finished colouring and waxing today.  I have one goodish detail photo but a photo of the whole piece is eluding me.  I think I will have to try again tomorrow. mother courage

nonsense squared

Yesterday I took some old pieces of work out to Rosebed Street Gallery – the piece below is from 2008.  Vintage buttons, vintage silks from kimono , acrylic, gesso and wax.  The base is newspaper sheets folded into thick bands and then woven together, trapping a moment in time, half truths, lies and nonsense.

square root of nonsense120 x 120 cm
square root of nonsense
120 x 120 cm