18 thoughts on “fringe dwellers

  1. Love the crazy wings, small top, big bottom and the faces . . . always the faces! I am having trouble getting a read on the ride, but the elements come together nicely. I also like this sizzling orange at the sides of your post – it is BRIGHT!

  2. No, they aren’t banished to the fringes. They fly high and far overhead with sweet siren songs and bright colours for all like the words of the philosophers. So glad to see the new vision has brought the wonderful stitch back with glorious robes for these beauties.

  3. Thanks – I was thinking about calling this one ‘I shoulda bought a jeep’ as the ride doesn’t look like it is going to far! 🙂

  4. I did wonder how sizzling that orange was – so I have toned it down a little…just a little 🙂 I will post some more photos when the ‘ride’ has been fired currently in a very unfinished state – but just needed a photo for something. Glad you liked it.

  5. I don’t like to comment about people’s graphics, but in your case, nothing should compete with your exceptional art. In all honesty, even though I loved the orange, it was a tiny bit hard to look past it. Great color – it will come in handy for something!

  6. Thanks for the thumbs up – I am really pleased you commented on the colour – there is such a huge difference between viewing screens and I had looked at it myself a few times and thought mmmm maybe a bit over the top! I know I turn off if the background graphics interfere too much. regards veronica veronica cay

    ronniecay@me.com http://veronicacay.com

  7. I really like this figure and the theme. There is a very pleasing Archaic quality to this character, personable yet distant, perhaps it is, as has been mentioned, her “archaic” smile.

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